V Design Studio Team

Our Story

V design Studio was founded by Verónica González. Verónica aka “Vero” is not an interior designer by (studies), nevertheless she’s a hell of an artist, that has a creative soul and is not afraid to show it!

“Babes” as she calls most people, “Thinks Outside the Box”

Alaniz Velez, is currently a student in process of becoming a licensed architect.

Alaniz aka “Ala” became part of the team 3 years ago and is now head of the design team. Not only is she extremely talented, but has a natural talent for the arts. Wait till you see her murals!

V Design Studio works residential projects, revamps, renderings, consultations; yet,
commercial projects have a special place in our heart, they are our passion.

If you want exceptionality, Vero is a Creative Space Innovator, that will inspire and transform your project in a UNIQUE way.

V design Studio was created to MAKE magic!

We love to be hired by clients that allow diversity, passion and above all, trust, so that an experience is travelled through from beginning to end.

What can we say BABES? Life is a journey, and we would love to be a part of it!